The Sanskrit word OJAS means strength, vigor and energy. Within the Ayurvedic belief system and view of the body OJAS is the subtle substance that is produced by the body that governs ones vigor and immunity. It is critical to maintaining well being and vitality. Both a regular Yoga practice and receiving bodywork treatments such as massage help increase our OJAS (strength, vigor and energy) and help support and strengthen our immune system increasing our emotional and mental wellbeing.
Ojas Yoga and massage is delivered to you by Fiona Anfield, a fully quaified and insured practitioner and teacher.


Fiona Anfield

I am a new resident in the Scottish Highlands. Myself and my family have recently relocated here from the beauty that is Cornwall. Finding ourselves again in the most peaceful and magical setting, we are feeling extremely grateful for the space to connect with nature, to smell the trees and see the stars.

Honouring yourself and giving yourself time out is so important today. The lives we lead have become intensely busy and stressful and we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for connection and happiness. The most important form of connection is firstly with oneself.

The practice of Yoga as a spiritual and physical discipline is a wonderful way to develop not only strength in your body but also your mind. It is an opportunity to find and cultivate stillness and a steadiness of the mind and emotions through connecting with the breath and movement.

When times have been tough in my life yoga has been the key to unlocking my strength both physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am passionate about bringing to you the same benefits I have myself experienced not only from the practice of yoga but the experience of receiving body work.

The benefits of massage are endless and again so important to maintaining a sense of balance. It is a wonderful ancient practice that in many cultures plays a normal part of every day life. In our culture it is often under valued. We tend to value that which we can see more, we spend money on beauty treatments that enhance our outer being, yet massage and a yoga practice can truly enhance our health and wellbeing from the inside out.

Both modalities help to cleanse and detoxify the body. They promote a sense of wellness and relaxation and have a brilliant effect on the nervous system and our mental health.

Muscle fatigue and tension reduces increasing range of movement and flexibility. 

When we can truly connect to ourselves and create a space to clear the mind we can fill our cup of vitality back up. This then enables us to carry on giving to the world around us in a positive way, strengthening our relationships and community.

Both modalities can help us find this, whether you are interested in a regular yoga practice or a regular massage treatment. I feel both give us that time to de stress, release tension and anxiety and increase our OJAS (sanskrit word for vitality).

I have been a qualified massage therapist for the last 20 years and have also been practicing yoga in some form for this time first discovering the tradition in India. After falling in love with the practice I became a qualified yoga teacher 10 years ago at a Sivananda ashram in India and have since continued my learning more recently with Keren Cooksey in Cornwall. 

Discovering these treasures from my travels around Asia and mostly India have been life changing and set me on this path of holistic health. For which I am most grateful.