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Yoga: Classes
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Live and Learn

 Check out what's on offer and if you are keen to join any of the classes please get in touch. Moving my yoga offering online means you can join in from anywhere as long as you have internet connection and access to Zoom.


Timetable to be confirmed

Each week you will learn various Traditional yoga asanas and the correct alignment for the poses. Slowly building strength and flexibility in the body. Breathwork and control of the breath- pranayama, will also be taught to help bring an overall sense of wellness and calming of the mind.

An introduction to the philosophy of yoga will be given to help you understand the background to the practice giving you an all round experience of what is a yoga practice. These classes will give you the foundations to practice other various styles of Hatha Yoga.

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart


timetable to be confirmed

The class will thread together and place in a special way traditional yoga asanas yet in a slow and mindful manner allowing time to find your correct alignment. The poses will flow and connect with the breath helping to increase strength and flexibility in the body. These classes will also suit beginners yet an introduction to yoga through the foundation classes would be beneficial but not essential.


timetable to be confirmed

A dynamic and flowing fun class that will build strength and flexibility and is energising and detoxifying. This class will suit people with previous experience of the yoga asanas yet can still be attended with no yoga experience as you can learn as you go. No two classes are the same and will be themed around different elements of the yogic philosophies weaving in mantra mudras and meditation alongside breath work that brings a complete sense of wholeness and JOY.

Image by Conscious Design
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