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A full body massage using gentle to medium pressure. Using an organic base oil to compliment an essential oil mix by Neals Yard to help you relax and unwind. This treatment will improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. It will help reduce stress hormones and improve sleep. 

60 minutes £60  



75 minutes £75 



90 minutes -includes a mini facial £90


A beautiful combination of herbs that help to detoxify the muscles are contained in these incredible poultices. This treatment will certainly reduce muscle fatigue and destress the entire body. Dripping in warm coconut oil the poultices are used to massage the body, combined with a hands on massage be prepared to be pummelled into a state of bliss.

45 minutes £55 Part body



60 minutes £65 Full body  



75 minutes £80 Full body


This treatment can be bespoke entirely for the needs of your body on the couch. Focusing attention solely on one area of your body that needs specific attention or treating the body as a whole. The aim of this treatment is to work more deeply into problem areas. Reducing tension and increasing range of movement increasing joint mobility and flexibility. Using deep massage techniques and sometimes the use of massage machinery may be weaved in to really help break up tension adhesions within the muscle fibres. 

30 minutes £40  


60 minutes £60   


One of the most relaxing experiences. A facial that will not only feed your skin with wonderful organic Neals Yard products perfect for your skin type, but also an extremely relaxing treatment that will include a face, neck and scalp massage. Hot towels will deepen the experience of truly letting go. To include a cleanse, scrub, mask, massage, tone and moisturise.

60 minutes £60

Combining both a beautiful back massage to begin your journey into de-stressing followed by a full facial to include a cleanse, scrub, mask, massage tone and moisturise. This is a complete treat.


90 minutes £90



Based on Ayurvedic principles (Ancient Indian Medical System- Ayurveda means Science/knowledge of life) and using beautifully crafted Ayurvedic oils by Tri Dosha, a selection of treatments are available. A specific oil will be chosen for your specific dosha to help create balance in your body. To identify your Dosha  you will need to fill out an Ayurvedic consultation form prior to treatment. Once you have experienced an Ayurvedic treatment you will definitely choose this again, the oils are out of this world! The treatments are flowing, soothing and focus not only on the muscles of the body but focus on the subtle energy of the body and increasing the flow of prana via the nadis.


Sirobyangha  30 minutes £40 

A treatment that focuses on the scalp, neck arms and hands. Pressure is applied to various Marma points (pressure points) to reduce tension induce relaxation and increase energetic flow through your Nadis. 



Marma Abyangha   60 minutes £60   75 minutes £75

A full body luxurious and relaxing treatment that encourages energy to flow through the Nadis and applies pressure to the Marma points. This treatment can be bespoke dependant on your Dosha choosing a specific oil to bring a sense of balance and adjusting the touch dependant on your present state.

Sarvanga 90 minutes £90

A deeply grounding and calming treatment that brings energy down and away from the busy mind to the feet. Soothing and calming a Vata imbalance.



A full consultation will be needed to be completed prior to any treatment to ensure that you have no contra indications to having your massage. All information will be kept confidential. If you are having an Ayurvedic treatment then an extra form will be needed to be filled out to help identify your Dosha type. 

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